The Chrono

Time has lapsed a great deal since I first posted the beginning of this journey. The reason is multi folded; I wanted to put more space between the time I posted and the time people knew I posted the original in order for the eyes of the world to move away from the blog.

I have always been in and out of stages of life since then. I’ve been growing and learning and didn’t want to post…

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The Middle of the beginning and half way through the end.

This is the start… the start of a journal that will express two things:

  1. The art of losing myself to glorify the name of Jesus Christ.
  2. Epic retelling of normal encounters in everyday life in a fantastical manner.

What’s the point of this you ask? It is an attempt to bring to light the struggle of Christianity in a modern world of self adsorbent humans (myself being one of them). Also, as it pertains to number two, because I think It would be a fun riddle for people to figure out and see how epic the mundane actually is and because I struggle with seeing how epic the mundane actually is.