Ghost In The Shell – Trifecta

It’s time for a deep dive. Plugging in….. ////active column 428. Initiate protocol bravo ////begin

The anime’s and the movie: I will focus primarily on the movie as one unit and the original anime and the 2.0 as another unit.

//core 2501 //title One zero One //review article 1, 2 and 3////execute…

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones S1

Conclusion: Softcore Porn, do not watch

By far the worst form of story telling I’ve ever seen. She is cloaked in the guise of a independent woman and possibly a heroin of feminism. She is not. Continue reading “Marvel’s Jessica Jones S1”


Marvel’s IRON FIST S1

Conclusion: Good not great…


The show, like it’s predecessors, has origin stories. Well, I think after all the movies and the 3 other, sorry 4 other marvel TV shows, origin stories have been over done. At least in the TV series of things.

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