The DLC Debacle

I’ve been playing video games since I was 4 years old when laying in a hospital bed my grandmother bought me one the first GameBoy handheld systems. Since then I have only gotten more skilled and able to predict and strategist better. That being said I have watched a great many trends in the video game world; VR, crazy peripherals and the whole switch over from memory cards to hard drives. Not the mention the change over from wired to wireless controllers. That is why this DLC semi-scam has to go!

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Half-Life… Of video games

The life span of a video game is not infinite as many might think. Super Mario Bros. may still be around but the popularity of the game is only left to speed players. No average player would see Titanfall 2 and Super Mario Bros. and chose the Italian plumbers…

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Rolling the Dice, Logic of the Tabletop

Arc of Fire

War, humans have a predisposition for creating it in every element of existences. Some what notable is the simulations created to exercise tactical theory. The tabletop Wargame is one such avenue. From American Civil War to sci-fiction mayhem to Chess tabletop simulations of combat are the corner stone of human entertainment.

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The Flow Master, Titanfall.

What is flow? Flow is a state of mind where you are completely attentive, alert and aware of everything that goes on. More than that you don’t get hung up on anything. Push push Push. Forward to the next objective. Always in motion without stopping unless stopping is the what is required; controlled stopping.

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Nerd-world Culture and Woman

We see it happen and we experience it but it seems no one points out the prejudice of it all. Women in our Nerd-world Culture are treated like demi-gods. Really, think about it, your playing a video game and person with a handle pops on that skews toward a feminine sounding name – or at least you think it is – what happens? Everyone focuses on her or she gets some form of attention more than most. Secure-the-deck-plates! if she actually has a mic and talks! Another example; think about your gaming community online be it tabletop RPG’s, video games, painting, collecting, card games. On those forums… pay attention, women get more responses and get far more attention.  It’s one thing I have noticed being apart of the Nerd-world Culture.

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Gamer Names: The “x’s” Dilemma

It’s a long standing joke among my gamer friends that if you have more than one “x” in your name everything you do doesn’t count. You read that correctly. Meaning if we are playing online together and you get top spot and I get second spot, I actually get top spot. It has even formed into a form of frustration management because if you kill me online we just say, “Oh it doesn’t matter anyway,” “Why is that?” “He has x’s in his name.”

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