A one way street?

Women… … … I do enjoy the other half of human existence. But when it comes to dating and relationships, why do I only seems to find women who want to be served like they are the Lady of the house from Downton Abbey? I ain’t yo butler!

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Nerd-world Culture and Woman

We see it happen and we experience it but it seems no one points out the prejudice of it all. Women in our Nerd-world Culture are treated like demi-gods. Really, think about it, your playing a video game and person with a handle pops on that skews toward a feminine sounding name – or at least you think it is – what happens? Everyone focuses on her or she gets some form of attention more than most. Secure-the-deck-plates! if she actually has a mic and talks! Another example; think about your gaming community online be it tabletop RPG’s, video games, painting, collecting, card games. On those forums… pay attention, women get more responses and get far more attention.  It’s one thing I have noticed being apart of the Nerd-world Culture.

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Online Dating Profile Decryption

My experiences from the online dating world thus far. And listen you can not like this information but I don’t have problems with any of it. It’s simply what I have noticed. Agree with it or not it makes little difference to me. I’m a mature secure in my masculinity guy. I post this simple to get it out there cause it seems no one is saying it.

Truth does not change, Facts are subject to change when more information is available. Human insecurity has not chanced…ever… at all. I’m just really good at reading it. Learn from this and test it yourself.

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