Ghost In The Shell – Trifecta

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The anime’s and the movie: I will focus primarily on the movie as one unit and the original anime and the 2.0 as another unit.

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The movie was far better than I thought it was going to be. Although the story is off from the anime it still has very entertaining factor that is undeniable. Which brings me to the anime. I’ve seen it before many times but it had been years since last I watched it. I viewed the new movie then went back watch Ghost in the Shell 2.0 – which i had not seen the newer “remastered” edition. After watching the anime I can see why the story for the movie was as it made. The anime story makes assumptions and falls a little flat for a singular story.

That makes me think they did that on purpose. Although anime is really good about requiring the audience to engage intellectually and emotionally by leaving details vague and only giving you small pieces but never the whole picture. This style of storytelling requiring you to fill in the gaps. The best comparison would be comic books; from frame to frame there is just snap shots of events and the mind uses the white space or black space between frames to fill in the gaps. The same is true for anime story telling.

The movie on the other hand does not play out like that. It pretty much hand holds you through the unveiling of the mystery. Which is not always that bad. In the case of Scarlett Johansson they altered the story to something more personal. I believe it worked rather will and connected you to the character in a more real and modern fashion.

Another major* credit to the movie is the de-sexualization of the character that is very obvious in the anime. The best example is from the opening credits to the invisible camo she uses. In the anime she has to get naked to active it. In the movie she wears a special skin tight suit. The reason I thought it’s a better choice is it takes the focus off the sexual nature that seems to be dripping from every angle of anime. The movie doesn’t have time for that. I truly though the Johansson did a great job showing the dull expressions of Major and her wardrobe expressed the same level as the character. It always felt unnecessary in the anime.

I was pleasantly surprised that they had the scene with the spider-tank in the film. I was also pleasantly surprised they didn’t go with the ending from the anime with the new body of a little girl. It works for anime but it still rides that line of strange. The line we all come to expect in anime but not in film.

Additionally, in the movie cyborgs like the Major are not common whereas in the anime they are “a dime a dozen.” That brings me to the difference between GITS & 2.0… I’ll just say I didn’t like the 2.0. From an artistic stand point it felt forced and diminished the quality of the original look. The beginning is the bring example. It switches back and forth from a CGI Major to the original anime Major… Not good.

The photo below shows the difference between the original anime and the re-mastered 2.0. As I mentioned, I’m not a fan of the 2.0. I believe it removed the wonderfully drawn cityscapes for digital nonsense. As you can see below the original one looks loads better with more detail. Whereas the digital one is yellow-washed and “fake” so to speak. Final thing I will say about the 2.0… don’t bother. Horrible.

Ghost in the shell Anime Comparison

Lastly, I could see them making another Ghost In The Shell movie with a progressing of the story of Major and her reconnecting with her past. I would watch it.




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