Ronja: The Robbers Daughter S1

The greatest sense of innocence, free will and childhood adventure… Ronja: The Robber’s Daughter animation by Ghibli Studios is by far one of the best child-friendly anime I have ever seen.

I can not speak any higher of this animation. It truly captures the wonder and majesty of a childhood experience. True to nature of the original writer Astrid Lindgren, this production by Ghibli Studios of Japan is a top notch anime. As one would expect from this studio.

The animation is very inviting in the sense that the depth of the back grounds are engaging to the eyes. The simplicity of the characters keeps the focus on the atmosphere of the entire show. You would think the two different style do not mix well but they surely do. You are held captive by the wonder in the characters eyes and their struggles.

I don’t want to tell you much of anything about the story as every single bit of this show is captivating. I found myself wishfully thinking and dreaming, while watching the show, about how amazing my childhood would have been if I had one such as this.

I believe this anime to fit right up there with Peter Pan and other children’s story of magical wonder.

All of this to say, watch it, enjoy it and don’t judge it on your notion of what an anime should be.


The actual book

TV Series from the 80’s


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