Grammar Lunatics

Growing up, maturing and becoming wiser… All things that happen as you get older. As of this blog post I am 31.5 years old and I still have insecurities and things that set me on edge the moment they happen. This time I speak of people correcting your spelling and grammar. “Ain’t nobody gots’ time for dat.”

I try to explore why it irritates me so much and the only explanation I can conjure up from the depths of my soul is this:

  1. It’s not your job to correct someones speech, spelling, grammar unless they are your employee.
  2. It “feels” (feels, i know arbitrary) kind of like a low jab at their intellect. Did you understand what they were trying to say? If so, then leave it alone you are not their… refer to #1.
    • Additionally, It can also be demeaning in a public setting.
  3. TIME: Why are you wasting your energy on correcting someone else if you understood what they meant. Why are you wasting their time if they may or may not change it. Is it your job to be a social warrior for grammar… NO!


The event in question that really “got my goat” for this was on a forum I frequent. In a thread that is made in a “off-topic section” specifically about random stuff. On top of that this person did it after making typos and being called out on it themselves and justifying it by tell us all to just assume he meant too.

Now I know this is kind of petty and stupid but I have always felt that way about grammar lunatics. Hence this blog post has sprung up and caused my heart to race.

I want to lash out at the person with some sarcastic retort. Do I? No I don’t I edit the post and in the section for why I made the edit, I just put, “For the [user handle]”. The only retort I have is not to “like” his comment on my post. Not that he would even pay attention to it but it is true. I do not like his post.

And here it is; He may have meant it in a joking manner and has no idea the internal conflict and anger that it has created in me and that’s fine. He will never know unless for some reason he is able to find this website – which is barely listed anywhere. Secondly, It’s my own issue that he should not have to suffer from. My own insecurity that causes this. Side note: key word insecurity: as I believe a correction of other peoples grammar comes from some kind of insecurity on their part too. Meaning, he used his insecurity to effect someone else. Rather than use mine to retort and create a cycle, I stop. Because above all else I desire unity. Hence I leave it alone on the online arena that it happened in.

I’ll take a break from that particular thread for a while. An almost silent protest in the hopes – although I don’t really care but then again I kind of do – that he will take notice and maybe, just maybe, apologize internally to me and himself. But I highly doubt it. What does that mean?

  • Internal apologies: Apologizing to a person for a action by means of acting toward them with a sense of better cooperation, camaraderie and a general sense of wanting to make peace and friendship with a person. Without actually saying, “I apologize for the turmoil I may have caused you.”


This quote comes to mind too and it’s one of my favorite go to picture-posts on Facebook:



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